Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ch-ch-ch-changes (Master Bath Reno)

I've been pretty negligent about ordering fixtures for the bathroom, especially considering that we need to be fully moved in by the end of January. this AM, I was kicking myself for not ordering them on Black Friday, even though we weren't sure that the sale would go through until we were handed the keys on December 14.

However, in retrospect, it; probably a good thing we didn't because we've changed directions over the past few days:

D and I decided to upgrade the tub, but forego the whirlpool....

Above: Kohler Expanse

We expect this change in specifications will save us money on electrician's bill,since he won't have to hook up the whirlpool features. We also decided to change toilet style to something more contemporary:

Above: Kohler Persuasion

Finally, we decided to step back from the idea of a custom-built wall-mount vanity (partly due to time restraints) and are thinking something more like this....(but with a vessel sink and polished chrome knobs)

Above: Porcher Archive 36" vanity in Maple (Porcher is the "Acura" or "Lexis" of American Standard)

Ultimately, what we eventually end up with will be what can be delivered on our tight deadline and at lower prices than I've seen online.

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