The Healing Home

Lynne was very taken with Suzy Chiazzari's "the Healing Home" (London: Ebury Press; 1998) and its emphasis on creating "a place which is healthy for the body, mind, and spirit."

Here are a few of Lynne's favorite quotes from the book:

  • "Offering your home, your time and energy will create a loving atmosphere which will be reflected back to you. So loving homes create an energy field which can nourish and feed our soul and by doing so help us develop self-love and a loving relationship with others."
  • "To create a loving home which is in harmony with our natural cycles, it is essential that we must first become aware of our changing needs as we progress through life."
  • "A truly healing home should express its own character, reflecting a modern lifestyle as well as the personality of its owner. You can easily discover whether you are in a healing home if you ask yourself whether a stranger, viewing the room for the first time, would be able to state immediately what kind of person or persons live in it."
  • "When we try to create a home which reflects contemporary style or a certain type of taste, it is often because we are seeking approval of a certain social group. If, on the other hand, your home reflects your own personal taste it will reflect a person who is independent and secure within. Your outer house will be in harmony with your inner house and it is then that you will enjoy a feeling of wholeness and contentment."

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