House Tour

(Lynne continually shifts things around the house, so it may not look ***exactly*** like this right now. She believes that a good house is never done, because tastes and needs evolve.)


Work done: Gardening and lawn maintenance. Painted patio. Replaced window well cover. Restained steps. Painted and repaired shed. Front entry repair....

Basement / Darren's "Mancave":

It's still -- [cough, cough] - a "work in progress.

Work done: Upgraded sewage ejector pump. Added humidifier. Replaced wall thermostat.

Sublevel 1 / Family Room:

Work done: Upgraded electrical outlets and switches. Replaced overhead light; added dimmer. Some new furniture. Decorated. We're saving our pennies to replace the nasty light green carpeting with something more neutral. We may also want to have someone restore the original finish on the vintage barrister's bookcase (that a former owner unfortunately decided would look better "pickled.")

Sublevel 1 / Lynne's Office:

The following pictures were taken later, after some reorganizing:

Because it's a home office, L can get away more with some right-brained decorating. (Her office at work is far more befitting that of an attorney.) L collects vintage brooches/pins and adds them to the burlap wall hanging as she acquires them (as if a bird collected the bright, shiny objects for his nest).

Work done: Painted walls. Upgraded electrical outlets and switches. Replaced baseboard heater. Replaced overhead light. Added wall thermostat.

Sublevel 1 / Half Bath:

Work done: Upgraded electrical outlets and switches. New hot water heater. Added open shelving over toilet and next to dryer. Replaced mirror over vanity. New toilet. New vanity.

First Floor / Kitchen:

Work done: Removed vinyl tile; installed ceramic tile. Removed tile backsplash. Added white IKEA cabinet. New baseboard heater. New overhead light. Removed post between dining room and kitchen. New Formica countertop. Upgraded electrical outlets and switches.

First Floor / Living Room:

Above: The walnut hutch is packed with vintage Libbey Gold Leaf barware that L and D have collected over several months and other mid-century glasses (as well as family photos). Vintage hutch by Broyhill Brasilia.

Above: "Melonhead" seems perplexed by modern technology. Wooden carving: Goodwill.

Above: Detail of coffee table. Vintage Asian-inspired horizontal coffee table and 2 octagonal end tables: Leeward Landing Thrift Store (Newburyport, MA).

Above: L adopted this early 1960s Magnavox console from a southern NH Habitat for Humanity Restore. On top of it is a 1970s red ball lamp, with a replacement shade.

Above: The African statue is L's 2015 birthday present from D.

Work done: Removed carpeting; installed hardwood flooring;new wooden blinds. Upgraded electrical outlets and switches. Some new furniture and artwork. Decorated.

First Floor / Dining Room:

Work done: Added chandelier. Upgraded electrical outlets and switches. Decorated. (Wooden blinds were added after these pix were taken.)

Second Floor / Hallway:

Work done: Pulled up carpeting. Installed hardwood flooring. Upgraded electrical outlets and switches. Painted white trim and doors. Added artwork and small table.

Second Floor / Master Bedroom:

Above: American Drew bachelor's chest with marble top came from Jordan's Furniture (Nashua,NH) circa 2000 and has since been discontinued. We call the metal Peking Opera actor "Ironman." D and I bought him at an antiques shop in Newburyport, MA. Broyhill purple glass lamp was bought on clearance at HomeGoods. The print formerly hung in the Sheraton Tara

Above: The simplified shrine, sitting on an antique sewing table my grandfather refinished. If features only a large wooden Buddha (gifted to me in 2000) and a pair of crystal lotus candleholders from D's and my wedding. Lilac leather Moroccan pouf -- my new meditation cushion -- was another HomeGoods clearance item. The mirrors on top are from our wedding "cake buffet." The print over the shrine formerly hung in the Ritz Carlton Boston Common

Above: This nightstand - a thrift store find -- has smoked glass doors which reflect the hardwood floor. It's marked only "Made in Canada" with a mid-1970s manufacturer date. Still don't know who made it...

Above: Detail of lotus candleholder.

Above: Another example of the house always being in flux. This vase used to be in L's office.

Work done: Painted walls. Pulled up carpeting. Installed hardwood floors and new baseboard heaters. New wooden blinds. Some new-to-us side tables. Upgraded electrical outlets and switches.

Second Floor / Second Bedroom ("The Guest Room"):

Above: See what I mean about things always changing? This HeyWake nightstand was a $10 Goodwill find and is a keeper. The chair previously there was relocated elsewhere.

Work done:Painted walls. Pulled up carpeting. Installed hardwood flooring. Some new-to-us furniture. Upgraded electrical outlets and switches.

Second Floor / Third Bedroom ("The Changing Room"):

Work done: Installed hardwood flooring. Upgraded electrical outlets and switches. Some new-to-us furniture. Decorated. Since these pix were taken, the hamper was moved to make room for a Breuer/Thonet style chair.

Second Level / Full Bath:

Work done: New tile on floor and walls; painted walls; demolished built-in "bookcase"; all new fixtures; added tempered glass shelf over toilet; decorating. Since the pix were taken, the metal plaque was replaced with an off-white chalkware/Plaster Buddha plaque.

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