Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Seemingly Interminable Bath Renovation

Above: View from the hallway. Tub is not usable because shower trim has not been installed and wallboards/tile not yet put in. Check out how shiny the walls and ceiling are... I sense that some chalky Ben Moore Aura Bath and Spa paint is in their future.....

Above: Future location of new toilet and vanity.

Above: We changed our plans to reduce the size of the closet (and create some open shelves) after quickly filling it with towels and toiletries.

Above: We moved the plumbing more to the side because it was not centered over the tub. We also raised the showerhead for D.

Above: L will be happy when the bath vanity is installed upstairs and not blocking the flow of the (retina-searing) family room.

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