Monday, April 29, 2013

Bath Reno - The Before Video

Some of you who have been following our seemingly-interminable bath reno have asked us if we took any "before" pix of the space.   I was frankly too traumatized to do that,  but Darren took some videos of the house during our walkthrough.

I especially draw your attention to the ***built-in*** wooden bookcase with flammable contents right over the room's baseboard heater, the Masonite that someone decided would make great wall tile around the bathtub, and the makeshift mini- shower curtain covering the cracked porcelain tile around the window.

Yes, we still did close after seeing this....(Fortunately, Darren  sees the potential in places more than I do....)

The raw footage won't win us any award at Sundance, but it may have helped us earn our recent tax abatement.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Counters and Light Fixture In....

The Silestone countertop came in just last Saturday and the light over the vanity is finally in place:

D and I purchased the crema marfil vessel sink on Black Friday, a few weeks before we closed.) L has been collecting marble bath accessories on sale ever since then.

Eagle-eyed viewers will note that we don't have a faucet hookup yet. Reno plans were further delayed when D"s mom got sick last week. We hope to get a plumber back in within the next few weeks.

Another Before and After

I repurpose my own photography, too.

The image at left (taken several years ago) was perfect for the bathroom, but the colors weren't the best match for the seaglass green wall tile. The image at right is after I re-Photoshopped it:

Here's how it looks in place (yes, I know the photo below make the artwork look more like the image at above left, but in person, it definitely looks like the image at above right):

The beauty of this is that if it ever gets damaged by moisture, I can always just pull another print. 16x20" frame purchased at HomeGoods included the mat and is a dead-on match for the tile floor.

Inching Forward

Here's what's happened over the past week or two:

Above: 36" Vanity placed in room.(It's a behemoth in person, given the small size of the room.)

Above: another view of the vanity.

Above: Bath hardware installed; shower curtain up.

Above: Toilet in place.

Above: Detail of bath hardware.

Still need a working sink, more plumbing and electrical, and more bath hardware installed.