Friday, April 4, 2014

Pix we never saw of the house...

There's something very strange about seeing these 2009 Realtor pictures of "our" house, three and a half years (and two owners) before we closed in Dec. 2012:

The hideous mustard-colored walls and frumpy valance that the people who owned just before us never changed (and I don't miss those green floor tiles in the least):

Strange dollhouses in D's mancave:

(Although the curved sofa is some kind of 1980s awesome sauce I could have decorated around.)

We're far less patriotic than two owners ago: the eagle is gone and we don't have a flag out:
(but it gives me hope that we can actually gt a green lawn this year...)

And neither of us plays the organ (but look how much newer the 1980s carpet looked):

This is the creepiest one: everything I hate in one spot:

What I found most curious is that the couple we bought the house from appeared to do absolutely nothing to it during the three and a half years they owned it. It's as if they kept it as a time capsule to these owners. I also know why we inherited the ugly kitchen "island" at closing: the 2009 owners left it for them, too....

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yes, Formica... got a problem with that?

One of the tensions in remodeling a "mid-century modest" house is wanting to create a jewel box without outbuilding the neighborhood. Our countertops and cabinets are late 1970s and we have no desire to replace them anytime soon. That means that the countertop we want to put in between the two rooms shouldn't be marble or granite. (Ironically, even though neither my husband nor I drink much at all, the vendors insist on calling what we want to put in a "bar top.") Here's the spot we want to put it:
We decided that a 1970s split just calls out for Formica, so here's a preview of what we're thinking of installing:
Details to follow...

Kitchen Work Continues

The kitchen mini-reno continues:

"I accidentally hung the doors upside-down. Can you reach the knobs if you jump?"

Right-side-up now. While open top cabinets worked with the busy previous backsplash and vinyl floor, they detracted from the new floor. The fabric skirts are only up until I successfully stain two new doors.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Recent House Pix

Lynne's Office:

Changing Room:

Master Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom:

Master Bathroom:

Living Room:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Light for the Family Room

I must have looked at 2,000 different lamps for the family room: no exaggeration. I was searching for a hybrid between a 1970s swag pendant light and something "organic modern", as these are the two predominant decor styles of the Ladybug House. Here's what we ended up ordering, from Shiner International (by way of One Kings Lane):

This bad boy's a whopping 20" across.... we'll just have to remember to hang it high enough so as not to block the conversation area.

UPDATE: One Kings Lane was amazing about retroactively applying the First Time Purchase discount and in notifying us that delivery had been delayed.

Day 2 (sort of) of the Kitchen Mini-Reno

New electrical outlet, sheetrock; first coat of mudding; made doorway wider; reinforced half-wall; prepared top of half-wall for countertop:

And the archaeological dig continues: under the ugly green 1990s vinyl tile squares is an even uglier 1980s floral sheet vinyl. Beneath that is a 1970s Moroccan theme vinyl tile:

Unfortunately, there is no hardwood flooring or ceramic tile beneath that.

We've already picked out some new "real" tile, which will go in at a later time, as time, installer schedule, and budget permit: Level Just 10 x 20" porcelain tile in Oro:

(The pattern won't look at "crazy-quilt" as this: the manufacturer is just trying to show the variations.... We'll also be installing in a brick pattern)

The Kitchen Mini-Reno Begins

We're slowly chipping away at the ugliness that is our kitchen. The Realtor pix from when we bought the house are here:

KITCHEN (You can't fool us, seller: we know that rolling cart is not an "island")



Above: We also removed the ceiling fan before it decapitated anyone: apparently, trolls or midgets must have lived here at some point. The busyness between the floor tile and backsplash are retina-searing! (And no, it doesn't help that the backsplash is a neutral color.)


Above: Note that we're unsuccessfully trying to hide the "Pantone Color of the Year for 2013" vinyl tile with a small area rug. (Obviously, the Pantone folks didn't have to actually live with the color.) The faucet is new and a necessary change after the kitchen plumbing failed.

But we finally decided that enough was enough. Because we don't have the finances to do a full renovation at this point, we're tackling projects a step at a time. Here's where we're at after one day of light demo: (The backsplash tile was removed earlier this month)

Above: under the ugly white paneling was an even uglier brown one, if you can believe it......

Above: And under that was some hideous floral wallpaper. It's like an archaeological dig in here!......

Above: The post is gone and it really opens up the space! (Yes, we checked to make sure it wasn't load-bearing first....)