Thursday, March 21, 2013

The $19.85 Dresser Challenge - The Reveal

Everyone thinks their "baby" is pretty:


But this one ***had*** to be, as we're not putting the bifold doors back on:

Click here to see more of the guest bedroom.


Here's a comparison of the before and after:

4/2/13 UPDATE: I just learned that Apartment Therapy will be featuring this dresser on their web site as as a "Before and After". D and I are very thrilled that a leading interior design online resource thought enough of our humble project to feature it.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The $19.85 Dresser Challenge - Work in Progress

Here's how the transformation of the $4.99 Goodwill dresser is coming along:

Above: Hardware removed; drawers sanded lightly.

Above: Unintentionally shabby chic. I think I'll keep the paint on the drawer sides as a "history" of what the bureau used to be....

Above: The carcass is sanded lightly, too. I hope the missing piece of wood is in the back of my car....

Above: The carcass is white again, after being peach, beige, and white at three different times. I should have primed the drawers: it took 5 coats of apple green paint to totally cover the "hot pink."

Above: Preview of the color scheme. Don't the drawer pulls look like seagulls now that they're painted white?

Above: Given our street name, I couldn't resist gluing a few wooden ladybugs to the side of the dresser.

Stay tuned to see the big reveal!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The $19.85 Dresser Challenge - The Before Pic

I've been hunting around over the past few weeks for a small bureau to place inside the guest bedroom closet.

For health reasons, I've been actively avoiding melamine and other formaldehyde-releasing substances, but really didn't want to shell out for solid wood when it would only get used infrequently. I also didn't want anything too "precious" since the 1930s-40s bureau and nightstand already in the room are just "old stuff", certainly not future antiques.

Nothing was quite right.. until now (if you ignore the existing "princess" paint job.)

This $4.99 Goodwill find is structurally sound, but I really bought it for the retro drawer pulls and knobs. This promises to be my first opportunity to use the "mouse" sander Darren bought me last year. (Nothing like a woman who wants power tools for her b-day!)

I'll be repainting the "carcass" white ($8.48 for a quart of Rustoleum "Painter's Touch" high-gloss latex paint at the Big Orange national home improvement chain). The drawers will alternate light aqua and apple green acrylic ($3.19 each bottle at national crafts chain), to match the guest room's color scheme.

I hope to complete the project over the coming weekend. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tiling Work Done!

We still need to wash it down a few times before it's clean enough to use, but here's how the tiling came out:

Above: No,it's not some weird wide-angle camera trick. The Kohler tub and shower rod really DO bow out.

Above: Detail of back of shower. Sea-glass tile and river rock inset.

Above: Detail of floor tilework.