Sunday, December 9, 2018

Oh Yes, We Did! (Exterior Painting)

This past summer, we decided that the exterior of the Ladybug House looked a little tired. So we perked it up a little....

Above: The inspiration

Above: The work in progress

Above: We even put a strip on the garage door. So far, none of the neighbors have complained. (At least to our faces...)

The Reiki Room - Our Private Space for Energy Work and Healing

This past spring, we updated all the basement lighting. (No more flickering florescent tubes!). We then installed a Reiki Room in one part of it, which encouraged me to get my Usui Reiki Master attunement.

The space is never going to win any design awards, because the only unifying feature is that it's all stuff I love and which has great personal meaning to me. The energy healing space also happens to be one of the most comfortable rooms in the house, because it's not intended for public use.

Above: Room at a glance. The light in the corner has a purple bulb in it and all the lights are dimmable. The silk scarf over the mirror is from my bellydancing years. The floor rug was bought off and turned out to be even prettier than the sellers' picture.

Above: Hanging rocks and an over-sized wooden rosary. (We're very ecumenical...)

Above: a hand-made lotus pottery bowl bought a few years ago at an antique shop while on vaca, filled with sand for "drawing" in.

Above: a TJMaxx dream catcher, which I later embellished with ribbon, yarn, and shells

Above: Another embellished dream catcher.

Above: I got this wing at a Native American powwow. It does a great job sweeping away negative energy.

Above: A HomeGoods garden praying figurine, over a bowl of crystals, animal teeth, and other goodies

Above: The Reiki Room motto, which is the very first thought I had during my first Reiki attunement. It's a Michael's print, with the word "more" ModPodged on it and a crystal hung from the top.

Catching Up

We missed you all so much! Here are the 2015-2017 holiday photos we'd have shared with you, had we been more conscientious about posting.

Visit again on Christmas Day or afterwards for our 2018 photos.

A New England - Style Organic Modern Christmas

Here's what the living room looks like this year:

Above: The huge plastic fortress is our Yorkie's pen.

Above: We went with a birds motif since we have so many of them around the house. Unfortunately, the dog thinks the snowballs are new toys for him, so we have to watch them closely.

Above: The flowers here and in the tree photo are recycled form when we had full-size trees in the house.

Above: Stockings stuffed with floral picks. The cotton accents are repeated throughout the room.

Above: The squirrel wreath, dedicated to our resident rodent catcher. More cotton accents.

Above: Coffee table, with Indian glass ball ornaments in a large bowl.

Above: We like to mix it up a little. Fortunately, wood goes with everything!

Above: And what Christmas decor would be complete without a thrifted clay Jesus as Rodon's "The Thinker", inside a tiki hut?