Saturday, January 3, 2015

Building Our Christmas Tree

For years, I've been fascinated by the decorated trees in a nearby florist shop. My efforts always seemed to miss the mark in one way or another, even though I knew most of the same tricks the pros use: wrap lights in and out of each branch, etc.

This year, we decided to go in a totally different direction: all the way to Bollywood! (And yes, I know that most Indians are Hindu or Buddhist.) The bright warm colors go great in our living room and it's a color scheme that can be lived with even after Christmas.

We started again with the artificial tree,

then added artificial flowers and decorations of all sizes. I got the "silk" flowers for 80% off at an end-of-the-season , because thought they were "fall" colors. The sunflowers with the sparkly center work great with the Indian theme, as does the Indian mercury glass balls in two sizes.

(For best results, sort your ornaments before hanging and then hang all of one kind of ornament at once, working your way all around the tree. Vary sizes and shapes. Don't forget the back of the tree, especially if it's what you see out the window.)

We even found a matching soft orange poinsettia at Wal-Mart!

Next year, I'll be working more at the top of the tree, adding branches and/or feathers. Other than that, we're hoping to enjoy this look for years to come.

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