Sunday, June 9, 2013

No-Car Garage: The Reveal

D relaxing in one of the chairs from the hotel liquidator.

View from the driveway. Oval coffee table courtesy of family friends. The wavy rug was a personal item originally in L's Meredith office.

A mini-Giants shrine, next to two of L's photos. (The photos were also previously hanging in L's work office.)

L was actually the one advocating for more sports memorabilia in the room. D's brother is the GM of the pro baseball team.

View from the house when the garage door's closed. Laura Ashley throws (HomeGoods) match the wavy carpet. We bought the vintage Stiffel lamp for $1 last year at a second-hand store. It was formerly in our family room. The cane-backed chair is from Salvation Army Laconia.

Here's how the finances worked out (we came in under our $500 budget, because we already had a number of pieces....):
  • $315 for modular tile
  • $40 for paint and painting supplies (tape and plastic pan)
  • $60 for two plaid chairs and ottoman (all second-hand)
  • $1 for red trays on shelf
  • $12 for two beige toss pillows
  • $40 for two throws
  • $12 for cane-backed chair
  • $1 for D's stuffed bear

2014 Update

This room looks nothing like this anymore. We had to disassemble it for the winter and much of the furniture was relocated to other rooms, where they now "live.". the striped chairs and ottoman are in the "man cave." The Stiffel lamp and oval table are in the family room. The cane-backed chair I sin L's office. The pillows and throws are scattered throughout the house. The striped area rug and woven basket in the dining room. This year, we migrated in two outdoor armchairs and added an octagonal coffee table. (All the better for D to put his feet on...) We decided we didn't need a lamp this year because we'll only be using the "room" during the day.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Work on the No-Car Garage

The room "transformation" of the "Dynne Den" (the garage room) is going more slowly than I thought, as least as it pertains to being able to post photos of the progress. We were away on Memorial Day weekend,then had to get caught up on yardwork the weekend after that.Weather permitting, this coming weekend will be the time to finish up a lot of the work.

I did manage to complete the first coat of paint (Behr's "Corn Husk Green"), but another coat is still needed. D and I have been butting heads over painting the concrete floor, but I hope to prevail and paint it dark brown.

We opted against a real renovation (drywall, floors, insulation, heating,plumbing, windows, etc.) primarily because we don't want to do anything that can't be easily "undone" come winter, when we will need to store a snowblower in there.


More work:

Basement/concrete paint in Behr's Corn Husk Green

D installing rubber-backed 95%-recycled "garage carpet" from the Big Orange home improvement store. You can actually drive a car over it, so it'll be perfect for snowblower storage. It was our most expensive purchase at around $6 per 18" square.

We tried to keep the modular carpeting a bit away from the walls, just in case the "waterproof" paint isn't quite as resilient as we hope.