Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Keeping Busy

We've had a pretty past few months, but none of it has been terribly glamorous.

  • We had some trees taken down in our yard, to hopefully prevent the tree falls we had last winter. The outside looks like a tornado went through, because we elected to do the cleanup ourselves. (Something we'll likely never do again.)
  • We also replaced the rest of our 30+-year old windows a few months back. We heat our house primarily with electricity, so we're hoping this will help lower the bills.
  • We're replacing a few 1970s square recessed lights.
  • We ordered a replacement bathroom light/fan, to replace one that sounds like a jet plane.
  • The Halloween decorations went up (and came back down this AM)
  • I hit the 80% off sale at Michaels and found fake flowers in just the right shades for the "new to us" tree we'll be putting up for the first time in the family room right after Thanksgiving.

As it write this, the weather is in the 70s and I spent a few hours outside today doing fall cleanup work. I smell like wet leaves and couldn't be happier. While it's a lot of work, it makes me feel truly appreciative for all we have.

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