Saturday, August 1, 2015

French Bulletin Board

After searching unsuccessfully for a "grownup" French bulletin board for my home office, I decided to create my own.  

Here's how:

- 11x14" Vintage wooden frame (I love how mine was "well-loved" in a few corners and already has a hanging hook on top)
- 1 sheet foam core
- 1/2 -5/8 yard fabric of your choice. Might be more depending on your pattern repeat.
- 1 container upholstery tacks
- Fishing line (if patterned fabric; otherwise, use your choice of ribbon, yarn, etc.)
- Staples, to stretch fabric over foam core (optional; I used tacks on the back instead to make it easier to wind the fishing line properly)

Varies.  I paid $1 for the frame at a thrift shop, about $3 for a sheet of foam core; just over $2 for the tacks, $4 for the fabric on clearance, and a few dollars for fishing line.  I have enough leftover fabric to sew a pillow cover.

- Measure inside dimensions of frame
- Cut 2 pieces of foam core to fit. (You want it thick enough that the upholstery tacks won't go through entirely. You also want the fit to be snug, but not tight, since the fabric and fishing line will add to the size.)
- Lay foam on top of fabric and cut fabric, leaving enough extra fabric to wrap around foam and affix.
- Wrap fabric tightly around foam core, being mindful of your pattern, if any.
- Staple or tack excess fabric to back.
- Flip over and add tacks to front as shown in photo.
- Wrap fishing line around tacks in front. Fasten loose ends on back.
- Insert fabric-wrapped foam core into frame.
- Hang  and enjoy!

Here's how mine looks in the room...

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