Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 2 (Sort Of) of the Kitchen Mini-Reno

New electrical outlet, sheetrock; first coat of mudding; made doorway wider; reinforced half-wall; prepared top of half-wall for countertop:

And the archaeological dig continues: under the ugly green 1990s vinyl tile squares is an even uglier 1980s floral sheet vinyl. Beneath that is a 1970s Moroccan theme vinyl tile:

Unfortunately, there is no hardwood flooring or ceramic tile beneath that.

We've already picked out some new "real" tile, which will go in at a later time, as time, installer schedule, and budget permit: Level Just 10 x 20" porcelain tile in Oro:

(The pattern won't look at "crazy-quilt" as this: the manufacturer is just trying to show the variations.... We'll also be installing in a brick pattern)

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