Monday, April 29, 2013

Bath Reno - The Before Video

Some of you who have been following our seemingly-interminable bath reno have asked us if we took any "before" pix of the space.   I was frankly too traumatized to do that,  but Darren took some videos of the house during our walkthrough.

I especially draw your attention to the ***built-in*** wooden bookcase with flammable contents right over the room's baseboard heater, the Masonite that someone decided would make great wall tile around the bathtub, and the makeshift mini- shower curtain covering the cracked porcelain tile around the window.

Yes, we still did close after seeing this....(Fortunately, Darren  sees the potential in places more than I do....)

The raw footage won't win us any award at Sundance, but it may have helped us earn our recent tax abatement.

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