Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The $19.85 Dresser Challenge - Work in Progress

Here's how the transformation of the $4.99 Goodwill dresser is coming along:

Above: Hardware removed; drawers sanded lightly.

Above: Unintentionally shabby chic. I think I'll keep the paint on the drawer sides as a "history" of what the bureau used to be....

Above: The carcass is sanded lightly, too. I hope the missing piece of wood is in the back of my car....

Above: The carcass is white again, after being peach, beige, and white at three different times. I should have primed the drawers: it took 5 coats of apple green paint to totally cover the "hot pink."

Above: Preview of the color scheme. Don't the drawer pulls look like seagulls now that they're painted white?

Above: Given our street name, I couldn't resist gluing a few wooden ladybugs to the side of the dresser.

Stay tuned to see the big reveal!

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